Three years into the Aquino presidency, what initially was a popular mandate and hopes for a “Tuwid Na Daan” ( Good Governance) were gradually dashed and gave way to increasing resentment and popular disenchantment towards an unraveling administration buffeted by scandals and missteps, broken promises and for a number of its critics, the downright betrayal of people’s rights and welfare and national interests.

To many organizations and people’s movements that have become critical and increasingly at loggerheads with its policies and actions, the Aquino government has become increasingly exposed as another elitist and trapo regime, but still basking on its fading goodwill , and hiding behind its democratic and populist façade.

Three years into the charade, The Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC) and the Kilusang Kontra-Pork would like to invite you and your organization to join us and the rest of the people’s movement in order to hold our own State of the Peoples Assembly (SOPA) on July 21, 2014, from 9:00 am to 5 pm at the UP Balay Kalinaw.

The State of the Peoples Assembly will have for its theme: “Bigo ang Mamamayan sa Huwad na Tuwid na Daan ng Rehimeng Aquino: The Real State of the Peoples Assembly.” As the theme reflects, the SOPA will be a day of reckoning, as the participants will take turns sharing their testimonies and indict those responsible for the people’s continued sufferings and for the various scandals and issues that have long mired our country and society, and which successive regimes have dismally failed to address, much less mitigate.

The State of the Peoples Assembly therefore aims to:

  1. Provide a venue for various sectors and organizations to share their issues and other peoples concerns under the Aquino government;

  2. Develop a people’s alternative statement and agenda, and carry forward a set of the peoples demands in time for the forthcoming 2014 State of the Nation Address (SONA) by the Aquino government;

  3. Explore possible common actions and other initiatives in the coming weeks and months.

Attached, please find the draft program for the day-long activities. To help us defray the cost of the gathering (ie., food, materials and venue) we would like to request for modest registration fee of P100.00 per participant. This we believe, will also concretize our commitment to the objectives of the Assembly. We also welcome donation and contributions from our generous colleagues and participants.

For further details, including your confirmation of participation, kindly text or email Ms. Anabel Julian at 0932 872 6163 and

We look forward to having you at the State of the Peoples Assembly (SOPA).


In solidarity,

Sammy Gamboa
Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC) and Kilusang KontraPork



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