For Urgent Hiring!!!

FDC is looking for staff that would passionately pursue its peoples agenda. FDC is in need of:

Climate Program Coordinator

FDC offers competitive compensation. For more information on FDC’s work, kindly visit

Please send your applications (CV,  cover letter clarifying why you are best suited for the position, and 2 letters of recommendation, by email or fax addressed to the FDC OIC-Secretary General. Please use the email addresses : , FDC’s fax number is: (+632)924.6399.

New graduates or graduating students with experiences in the social movements are also encouraged to apply, but will be considered applicants for the entry-level positions.



  1. Takes the lead in the planning and implementation of the Coalition’s  Program on Climate Finance;
  2. Drafts work plans of the Program, based on the 2014-2016 Coalition Thrusts.
  3. Prepares and submits draft reports on the implementation of the Program to the OIC-Secretary General (Sec Gen).
  4. Heads the implementation of the campaign work of the Program.
    1. Conduct public education work: forums, conferences, community discussions, etc.
    2. Build partnership with organized groups for implementation of activities and/or campaigns.
    3. Build and maintain campaign and issue-based networks.
    4. Develop champions among lawmakers and personalities.
    5. Build international solidarity.
    6. Coordinate with Communication and Media Officer in developing, producing and distributing public information materials.
    7. Organize public events, creative actions, and mass actions.
    8. Writes position papers and media releases and coordinate with Communication and Media Officer in conducting media activities.
    9. Maximize the use of social networking sites.
  5. Oversees the research and publication work and education and membership work of the program.
  6. Support the  OIC-Sec Gen in raising funds and other resources for the Program.
  7. Assists the OIC-Sec Gen and the Executive Committee (Execom) in the preparations (ie., drafting strategic program reports, plans and other  documents) for the FDC  Congress.
  8. Carries out other tasks that maybe assigned by the OIC-Sec Gen and the Execom.


  1. A background in the social movements.
  2. A considerable experience in public campaigns, advocacy and research, with Knowledge and understanding of climate justice advocacy.
  3. A considerable experience in all aspects of program management (assessment, design, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, reporting and fund resource management).
  4. Preferably with an academic background in climate-related sciences.
  5. Strong commitment to and affinity with gender equity.
  6. Planning and very good communication (written and verbal) skills.
  7. Strong personal initiative and self-motivation, with ability to work well in a team and independently.

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