The Freedom from Debt Coalition condemns the savage destruction and atrocities that Israeli troops have unleashed upon the people of Gaza.

Israel’s claims of self-defense are clearly refuted by the disproportionate consequences of its aggression. With the death toll rising to 599, including 133 children, 33 women, and 6 medics, Israel can no longer hide the fact that its actions are tantamount to genocide, as Richard Falk, the United Nations special rapporteur on human rights in the Palestinian Territories, has pointed out.

We also denounce Israel’s allies and supporters, especially the United States of America, which supplies the bulk of weapons to the Israeli military, for their complicity in this despicable act of collective punishment being dealt to the Palestinians. The indiscriminate support of the United States is what has emboldened Israel to commit its latest aggression against a long-suffering people who want nothing more than to return to their homeland.

Never before has the international community been more united in its condemnation of Zionism than today. Now is the time to translate condemnation into action.

In solidarity with the Palestinians, and Israelis opposed to war, we call on individuals, global civil society members, governments, and other institutions and organizations to unconditionally demand the immediate termination of this bloodbath, the end of the air war, and the retreat of the Israeli army from the whole of Gaza.

We also support the demand to bring all those responsible for planning and ordering the invasion of Gaza and the massacre of civilians before the International Criminal Court to answer for their crimes against humanity.

Dr. Walden Bello
National President
Freedom from Debt Coalition

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