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19 October 2007

1st Congressional District of Leyte
House of Representatives
Batasan Complex
Diliman,Quezon City

Dear Congressman Romualdez,

Huge national government debts which now stand at P3.78 trillion remain to be among the major problems in attaining a sustainable and pro-people progress and just distribution of social services in the country. With debt servicing eating up almost half of the national budget and 80 percent of the country’s tax revenues, the national resources given to basic essential services such as health, education, housing, water and sanitation have further decreased, thereby exacerbating poverty in the country.

While we acknowledge that under the present situation, government borrowings are, more often than not, necessary, we , however, feel disappointed to know that many of the government loans are “illegitimate”- having been contracted under bribery, corruption and with strings attached that push policies detrimental to the people, and that the projects funded by many loans ended up as “white elephants”.

It is for this reason that we call on you being our representative in Congress to support our advocacy that in the exercise of its Constitutional “power of the purse”, Congress should take a serious look at the debt issues in the national budget.

Thus, we urge you to sign and support House Joint Resolution No. 4 calling for the creation of a Congressional Commission that will audit all public debts and contingent liabilities, as well as the Bill calling for the repeal of P.D.1177 or the law on Automatic Debt Servicing. Through the proposed Congressional Debt Audit, Congress and the public would know which loans obtained by the government through the Executive Branch, were secured through anomalous means and were not benefited by the people thereby making these loans, ”illegitimate”. And by repealing the Automatic Appropriations Law, the Congress would have the exclusive say in appropriating funds for debt payments.

This call is in time with the Global Week of Action against Illegitimate Debt, Unfair Trade and Worsening Poverty.

We hope you would take this matter as a priority concern and we further hope that we would be informed of whatever action your office may take in connection with this appeal.

Respectfully yours,

President, FDC - Eastern Visayas Convenor

Youth Against the Debt - Eastern Visayas

FDC Chapters