March 22, 2016

The Freedom from Debt Coalition staged the “Pitong Wika ng Masa: Pasyon ng Mamamayan” this morning to criticize the Aquino administration for its inept performance in addressing the needs of the Filipino people during the president’s six-year reign.

“During his term, PNoy deliberately betrayed the public in favor of corporate and political interests,” Sammy Gamboa, FDC Secretary-General said.

Early this year, President Aquino III vetoed the proposed SSS pension hike that would have granted P2,000 across-the board increase in monthly pension. In addition, he also rejected the proposed income tax cuts last September 2015, citing an estimated P30-billion in loss of revenue.

“From these renunciations alone, it is clear that PNoy condemned the lives of millions of Filipinos to further suffering,” Gamboa said.

“The 25.8% poverty incidence in the first half of 2014 is considerably far-flung from the administration’s end-term target of 16.6%. With all the its government’s slip-ups, PNoy leaves his office while deliberately abandoning millions of Filipinos,” Gamboa added.

The “Pitong Wika ng Masa” emphasizes the various blunders of the Aquino administration which led to the rising costs of electricity, water, and other public utilities and services that intensified the suffering of the people.

“His term will be shamelessly remembered with a profusion of fare and rate hikes in public utilities and services, which are all attributed to the government’s acquiescence to the vested interests of private businesses and corporations,” Gamboa stated.

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