Today, January 27, 2015 Congressional inquiry into the Electric Power Industry Reform Act (EPIRA), with various proponents calling for its repeal, overhaul and amendments, the Freedom from Debt Coalition reiterates its basic positions why it has been calling for EPIRA’s repeal, the junking of the government’s privatization policy and the public control of the power industry, among other demands towards making energy accessible, safe, sustainable, democratic and in the service of the people and the country’s need for real economic development.

Since the bill that became EPIRA was deliberated on the Congress floor, FDC has strongly opposed it. FDC has warned Congress and our people again and again, year after year, that privatization cannot deliver the promises of EPIRA. On the contrary, EPIRA would drive the power industry down to perennial crisis. Now, thirteen (13) years after its enactment, EPIRA is one big broken promise.

EPIRA’s Declaration of Policy from Policy A to K (Section 2) is in shambles. Instead of “transparent and reasonable prices of electricity in a regime of free and fair competition and full public accountability” (Section 2-C) we have the highest residential electricity rate in Asia and the fifth highest in the world and the second highest industrial electricity rate in Asia. At the rate power hikes occur in our country, we might end up having the most expensive electricity in the world.

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