The Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC) Women’s Committee is officially rejecting President Aquino and his Elite Rule. The women leaders of FDC coming from the ranks of more than 250 member organizations of peoples movement, multi-sectoral groups, labor federations, fisherfolk and peasant groups, urban and rural poor, lead women’s group join the collective call for new politics, new economy and system change. The women of FDC, prominent in the fight against neoliberal policies and patriarchy and recognized lead of women’s actions for gender and economic justice, is now at the forefront and enjoins all Juanas to demand culpability of the PNoy government on its perpetuated tragedies besetting the Filipino people.

Women say no more to his reign of bungled elite rule with political and economic blunders, piling one after another. Failures characterized by his tenacity for arrogance and myopic governance, as he conjured his “Tuwid na Daan”, but failing to deliver his promise of economic and social reforms. But instead exonerating himself from the Mamasapano tragedy, consistently being stubborn in his justification of the PDAF and the Pork Barrel system, despite being rendered unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. He proceeds with embracing neo-liberal prescriptions for the economy such as deregulation, privatization, and liberalization continue to govern detached from the people he had sworn to serve.

Exonerating himself from the Mamasapano tragedy, PNoy betrayed the mothers and sisters, the daughters and sons of Mindanao-Sulu and is guilty of causing the death of the SAF 44, 18 MILF members, 5 civilians including Sarah, a girl child. What’s more tragic is the continuing displacement of 8,130 families with his military offensive in the region, on top of the thousands displaced by the Yolanda disaster with his private sector led recovery efforts. Women bear the most of hardships and dangers intrinsically linked with evacuation, the destruction of young women and children’s lives becoming victims of trafficking and prostitution.

Continuing the saga of indebtedness to the US, the World Bank, the ADB, PNoy pushed for more public-private-partnerships, complying with blatantly skewed prescriptions of IFIs and proceeding with privatization of essential sectors such as education, health, water and energy. PNoy, instead of liberating women from poverty by integrating a comprehensive strategy that ensures redistribution of wealth, gender equality and the realization of all women’s and girls’ human rights and development, continues to abandon social justice paradigms and implemented the Comprehensive Cash Transfer program, that added on to the already heavy burdens of women.

The women of FDC say enough of these betrayals and lies. Affected severely as they bear witness to worsening poverty and inequality, exploitation of women’s labor, notwithstanding heavy unpaid care and non-care workloads, suffering from incessant water and power rates increase, poor infrastructure and the scaling back of public services. A president who rejects accountability as the highest in command should no longer be provided the power to serve. As he remains steadfast in his botched economic policies that are anti-people, his saga of failures proliferate compounded by gender inequalities and discrimination, structural barriers and discriminatory laws that he refuse to address.

Kababihan Palag Na! Echoing the voices of the Juanas and making it public, the women of FDC now demand and challenge the president: PNoy, Step Down! Enough of Your Elite Rule and Anti-people Policies and Programs! Capitalizing on women’s agency for change and development, the women of FDC reverberates the Filipino people’s clamor to Reject PNoy and to Fight for a New Economy, New Politics and System Change!

The Philippines free of Debt, Poverty and Inequalities: Eliminate gender inequalities and discrimination that drives women to poverty and establish a system that addresses the deep inequalities between and within countries, ending militarism and gender-based violence.

Filipino Women’s and Girls’ Healthy Lives, Holistic Knowledge, and Inclusive Participation: Establish new politics that promote full recognition and universal access to sexual and reproductive health and rights including sexuality education beyond contraception and family planning; New economy and politics that ensure freedom from sexual and gender based violence; that ensure women’s full inclusion and active participation at all levels of decision-making; that guarantee women’s access to and control over land and resources, social security, health and education as a human right.

New Economy that Works for Women and Girls: Dispose the current macro-economic model that perpetuates poverty, inequality and gendered division of labor which failed to address the structural barriers of gender equality and fulfillment of women’s and girls’ human rights. Establish a new economy that promotes restructuring of institutions with initiatives that prioritize people over profit, reducing and redirecting military spending to gender equitable social spending.

New Politics, New Economy, System Change with a radical transition from extractive, profit-based economies to people-centered models that are just, equitable, gender-responsive and sustainable, locally and people-driven. A system of government with strong financing for peace, reproductive and gender justice,

Fighting for a New Economy, New Politics and System Change! is taking immediate action for the realization of women’s and people’s rights, economic and gender justice, climate justice, and ending poverty.

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