FDC calls for the total revision of the Electric Power Industry Reform Act (EPIRA) otherwise known as R.A. 9136.Since the bill that became EPIRA was deliberated on the Congress floor, FDC has strongly opposed it. FDC has warned Congress and our people again and again, year after year, that privatization cannot deliver the promises of EPIRA. Now, thirteen (13 years ) after its enactment, EPIRA is one big broken promise.

In sum, FDC has been calling all these years for:

  1. Breaking the private monopolistic/monopsonistic hold of a few big private corporations on the power generation, transmission and distribution industry brought about by EPIRA ,

  2. Bringing back State planning in building and developing the power industry,

  3. Restoring the role of the State as a major player in both generation and distribution sectors and renationalizing the management and operation of the transmission sector,

  4. Promotion of democratic and efficient electric cooperatives as a social partner of the State in developing the power industry, and

  5. Ensuring a steady and sure transition to sustainable energy.

Currently FDC is one of the convenors of Power to the People Coalition. A coalition composed of Trade Unions, Party List organization, Political Blocs and organizations, Church based organizations and marginalized groups calling for the repeal of EPIRA and the revocation of Meralco’s franchise.


Angat HEPP - Motion for Partial Reconsideration
07 November 2012 22:01
GR No. 192088 - Supreme Court Decision
06 gr no. 192088 - supreme court decision 09 october 2012.pdf ( Angat Hydro-Electric Power Plant Case)
09 October 2012 22:07
GR No. 192088 - Dissenting Opinion - Velasco
09 October 2012 22:07
Angat HEPP - Memorandum
05 angat hepp - memorandum 23 march 2011.pdf ( Angat Hydro-Electric Power Plant Case)
23 March 2011 22:10
Angat HEPP - Consolidated Reply
04 angat hepp - consolidated reply 29 october 2010.pdf ( Angat Hydro-Electric Power Plant Case)
29 October 2010 22:11

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