The Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC) urges the Supreme Court to uphold public interest and prohibit the Energy Regulatory Commission and Meralco from implementing the 12-centavo provisional increase.

After ordering the ERC and Meralco to observe the status quo, the High Court is further urged to give due course to the FDC petition and declare as unconstitutional the ERC’s purported powers to grant provisional authorities.

The Supreme Court has proven that it can uphold public interest. In November 2002, the Supreme Court ordered Meralco to refund more than P30 billion worth of income tax that it has illegally passed on to consumers.

This time, we respectfully appeal to the Supreme Court to be on the side of justice and decide in favor of the public once again.

However, several quarters from the business sector continually call for the Supreme Court to restrain itself from deciding on economic and business matters. Their statements are both lamentable and expected: the business sector is more concerned with the maximization of profits, even to the detriment of the poor and marginalized.

Provisioning for electric service is an undertaking replete with public trust. Thus, the Supreme Court should not concede public interest to business and private gains.

As the last bastion of justice, we respectfully urge the Supreme Court to uphold what should be the foremost consideration in this matter: the public interest.

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